Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many buildings can we put on a lot?
A: Our covenants will allow up to three buildings, a main home or cabin, a guest cottage, and a hangar. If desired, the owner may build the hangar first and follow with the other buildings.

Q: Will the runway be lighted?
A: Yes. The Cabin Creek Association will be responsible for maintaining the lights.

Q: What is the runway elevation?
A: 4,000 feet msl.

Q: Have utilities been brought into each lot?
A: Electricity and telephone services have been brought into each lot. The owners will be responsible for their own septic systems and water.

Q: Will snow be cleared from the runway during the winter?
A: The Cabin Creek Association will determine if they wish to keep the runway open during the winter.

Q: Will fuel be available?
A: Yes. Fuel will be available through a “keylock” system that allows the users to access the pumps with an encoded card on a self serve basis.